University of Malaya Centre of Excellence (UMCoE)

The Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture (CEBAR) is a centre of research excellence at the University of Malaya whose mission is to “create a platform for world class research, development, applications and training with outputs and products that interface between the fundamental and applied sciences.” In addition to its focus on research, a major objective of CEBAR is also to strengthen, promote and synergize links with industry with a vision to bridge academic research and industry needs.

The Center for research in Biotechnology for agriculture is both a physical and virtual centre which synergizes the considerable existing capacity and resources within the University of Malaya targeting niche areas such as phytopharming, agriculture waste bioremediation, molecular breeding and selection and molecular diagnostics of plant and animal diseases.

Professor Dr Jennifer Ann Harikrishna

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To form a research network with world class facilities to undertaking generation of innovation in the field of catalysis based on eco-friendly technology (chemical, microbial and hybrid Nano bio) and transmission knowledge to the public and private sectors. This centre will become the reference point in the catalysis of international standards


  • To develops a comprehensive range of world class catalysis research in Malaysia.
  • To provide expertise in the areas of catalysis needs to develop a the national higher skilled manpower.
  • To produce new catalysts and accelerate technology transfer catalysis research into the private sector for marketing.


  • Main activities are based on the five interest.
  • Terraced multidisciplinary approach of excellence in research.
  • The leadership of research.
  • Collaboration and Networks of National and International
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Technical Services
Acting Director
Professor. Dr. Mohd Rafei Johan

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Contact Details

Institute of Research Management & Services (IPPP),
Level 7, Research Management & Innovation Complex,
University of Malaya,
50603 Kuala Lumpur.