Research Visibility

is not just about sharing findings; it’s about making research accessible and relevant to diverse audiences, bridging the gap between academia and society.

Research output

UM Open Sciences (UMOS)

Universiti Malaya is dedicated to championing Open Science principles as a means to advance research, collaboration, and societal impact. We invite researchers, students, and the broader scientific community to join us in embracing Open Science and creating a more inclusive and impactful research landscape.

UM Research Repository

The Universiti Malaya Research Repository is a valuable resource that showcases UM’s research excellence and fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among researchers. It serves as a gateway to access a wide range of scholarly publications, promoting open access, and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in various academic fields.

UM Research Bulletin

The UM Research Bulletin is a publication produced by Universiti Malaya (UM) that highlights and disseminates research activities, findings, and innovations undertaken by the university’s scholars and researchers. The bulletin serves as a platform to showcase UM’s research excellence and its contributions to various academic disciplines and societal challenges.

UM Journal

The UM Journal is a prestigious publication that provides a platform for researchers to showcase their original research, contribute to their fields, and engage in scholarly discussions. By publishing high-quality articles, reviews, and critical analyses, the journal promotes knowledge sharing, academic collaboration, and the advancement of knowledge at Universiti Malaya and beyond.

Last Updated on August 27, 2023