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Impact Oriented Interdisciplinary Research Grant Programme (IIRG)

The Research Cluster is launching the Impact-Oriented Interdisciplinary Research Grant Programme (IIRG) to enhance the impact of UM research in meeting the nation’s expectations.  Researchers should create projects with impact beyond academia, by consciously incorporating elements of impact into their project at all stages.  This requires effective engagement between researchers with stakeholders and research beneficiaries right from the stage of project ideation. Hence, the value of interaction among researchers from various disciplines cannot be underestimated, to develop impactful research projects that address real world issues relevant to the society and industry. It is at these interfaces between different disciplines that creativity and innovation thrive.  

In alignment with UM’s aspiration to be the preferred partner in research and champions in leading interdisciplinary research, Research Cluster will focus on research areas with promising performances and experts-ready with critical mass (Niche) and emerging areas (Thrust). These Niche and Thrust areas were selected based on the analysis of data on UM’s past research output, expressed research interest of different faculties and research centres, deliberations in a series of meetings/workshops, national needs and international trends. 


 Universities are playing an increasingly central role in advancing sustainability at the local, regional and national scale through cross-sector collaborations.  Accompanying the launch of Future Earth, interest is mounting in the co-design and co-production of knowledge and solutions for advancing global sustainability, particularly in urban areas. One of the strategies that are gaining momentum worldwide is the ideas of converting university campuses as Living Labs. 

 The Living Lab approach is growing worldwide, and is being adopted by a number of leading universities around the world such as MIT, ETH Zurich, Harvard, Tokyo, National University of Singapore, and Nanyang Technological University. It is therefore timely for UM to be more proactive in this area as well.  Thus, we would like to invite UM researchers from all disciplines to submit research proposals for the UM Living Lab Grant Programme (UM LLGP) 2016. UM Living Lab Grant Programme focuses on translational and collaborative researches that aspire to tackle and solve sustainability issues specifically within campus and the community at large. The proposal should try to integrate the three pillars of sustainability, namely, People, Planet & Profit (3Ps).


  • This grant is open only to the academic staff of the University of Malaya.
  • Both contract and permanent academic staffs are eligible (for contract staff: at least with 1 year contract AND one permanent academic staff as co-researcher).

Program Duration & Funding:

  • We anticipate a budget of up to RM 100,000 for each UM LLGP project yearly.
  • The maximum duration allowed is 1 year.

Expected output

Every project is expected to deliver the following as their Key Performance Indicators:

  • Project targets – tangible and measurable indicator such as percentage of reduction, savings etc.
  • Capacity building – such as seminar, demonstration, training
  • Innovation / technology / knowledge transfer – prototype, development of a system
  • Community engagement
  • Network and Linkages
  • Publication – such as journal paper, books, guideline, policy paper, standards etc.

Last Update: 11/03/2022