CEO @Faculty Programme (CFP)


The AIxCHANGE Initiative brings together top CEOs and industry players into Malaysian universities to share their knowledge and experiences with students and the university community. There are 2key programmes under AIxCHANGE are the CEO@Faculty Programme (CFP) and AIxPERT.


The CEO@Faculty Programme was launched in 2015 with 24 CEOs. The CEOs committed up to 30 hours a year to provide mentorship to university students and lecturers, as well as providing guidance to universities on matters such as curriculum development in ensuring industry relevance. It expanded to 72 CEOs in 2018, and continues to grow. The programme is an initiative under Malaysia Education Blueprint (Higher Education) – Shift 2 Talent Excellence.

CFP 1.0: “LEARN FROM THE PROs”CEO@Faculty Programme 1.0 was designed to intensify the participation from the industrial sector at universities through the sharing of experiences and expertise from selected CEOs. “Learn from the Pros” provided students with opportunities to engage with the CEOs, who shared their insights and ventures. The programme was also aimed at improving graduate’s employability by enhancing student-learning experiences and reducing the mismatch in the supply and demand.

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CFP2.0 is aimed at exposing university lecturers below 40 years old with a doctoral degree to the rudiments and operations of the industry. The programme celebrates the CEOs who have voluntarily accepted the task to coach young university lecturers to become future leaders, hence the tagline “Coached by the Pros”. Introduced in April 2017, selected candidates were placed at the respective CEOs’ offices, and these lecturers, referred to as fellows, were presented with a specific six-month assignment in order to embrace the corporate culture in managing a high-profile company.

We are pleased to announce to the UM Community the newly appointed eminent industry CEOs for the CEO@Faculty Programme CFP. An initiative by the Ministry of Education (Higher Department) to support the National Education Blueprint (Higher education).

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